I Only Died Twice – Press Release

“I Only Died Twice”, Uniting Elegance With Mystery, Glamour With Darkness

Jim Lowe's interview
Jim Lowe’s interview about the collaboration with Elsa Monroe on the track “I Only Died Twice”

 «I Only Died Twice» was born out of my deep desire to collaborate with Jim Lowe,a composer and sound engineer who has worked with icons such as Stereophonics, Nick Cave or Taylor Swift

I aimed to create a track in the vein of the legendary soundtracks of James Bond, evoking refinement, sensuality, and a touch of mystery. Together, we forged an unexpected sonic alliance that blends elegance, mystery, glamour, and darkness in a striking manner. “I Only Died Twice” was recorded at the legendary London studio, RAK Studios.

 The Story Behind The Title

This is not just a melody!
Jim’s enchanting notes immediately sparked inspiration in me for a captivating vocal melody. The lyrics, drawn from my own experiences, reveal a passionate love story between two souls who are opposites in every way. A painful experience that leads to rebirth and a unique love, calling for the acceptance of the mysteries that make each individual unique.

 Why «Twice»? 

For me, it’s not just a nod to the movie «You Only Live Twice». It symbolizes my own resilience. Having already radically transformed my life once, I now explores a love experience that compelled me to rebuild. «I Only Died Twice» thus represents a spiritual death, a rebirth, and a second death to better rise again.

Also when a trauma occurs, a human being suffers twice. Once during the trauma itself, which is the blow, and then from the aftermath of the trauma, which is the representation of the blow.

A Bold Music Video And A Taste Of A Promising Album

 «I Only Died Twice» is not just a single. It will be accompanied by a bold music video featuring real black scorpions. It promises a visual experience that matches the emotion of the song. This track also serves as a prelude to an album entirely in collaboration with Jim Lowe, offering a glimpse of the artistic richness to come.

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