In addition to my music compositions, I also offer my voice for various vocal projects. Voice-overs and dubbing are among the services I occasionally provide. Below are a few examples of what I can do. Additionally, I offer my services for creating musical jingles.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in using my voice to enhance your projects.

Voice-overs: “Les Souvenirs”

On this project titled “Les Souvenirs”, I lent my voice in French for an excerpt from Blue Nights by Joan Didion. It’s a book that I greatly appreciated, and my contribution is a tribute to this talented writer. I recommend reading this book, as it is definitely worth your while.

Voice-over of an extract from « Blue Nights », a novel by Joan Didion.


Here’s my version (in french) for the Tom Ford Métallique perfume advertising.

Voice-over on the « Tom Ford Métallique » add. 

« Silent Hill – phone calling »

This is a french voice-over inspired by the video game “Silent Hill”.

Voice-over inspired by the « Silent Hill » video game.