I am Elsa Monroe, singer-songwriter. Actually I have set up a crowdfunding campaign to finance the music video for my first song “I Only Died Twice”. I need your support. Feel free to take a look at my project!

About Me

I am Elsa Monroe singer-songwriter with a multitude of talents. My artistic journey has led me to explore various disciplines. From modern choreography to figure skating, makeup artistry, and comedy, just to name a few. Actually, each of these steps has contributed to shaping the person I am today. However, at the core of all these experiences, a childhood dream remained vivid. A dream that seemed unattainable for a long time: to become a singer.

Also my perseverance has been fueled by numerous encouragements. Besides there’s a particular moment that remains etched in my memory. It was when my idol, Kelly Jones, the lead singer of Stereophonics, applauded my cover of one of his songs, at a time when I faced a setback during an audition. In fact this experience taught me resilience and encouraged me to persist on the path of music. I invite you to discover my musical universe with a rock-inspired flair, marked by mystery, elegance, and generosity.

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